The neighbour is building

About 15,000 new residential buildings are built in Switzerland every year. This raises many questions and may also cause trouble, especially for those who live directly next to the construction site.

The Building Permit Procedure

My wife and I are planning to build a house. We are consulting a planner, but we also want to be involved in the building process ourselves. Now we are wondering how timeconsuming and tedious it is to obtain a building permit.

Do we have to grant the neighbor a right of way?

My neighbor wants to build a 2nd house on his property: Since access to the construction site is complicated for him, he demands a right of way across our garage forecourt, which would be much easier for him. But we are against it. Does he have a right to the emergency right of way? How can we defend ourselves? If it is granted, do we receive compensation?

The building objection procedure

Our neighbour wants to completely renovate his house. In addition to various adjustments to the exterior, this also includes the installation of two relatively high skylights, which massively restrict our view of the mountains. We would like to file an objection, but we are afraid of a time-consuming and lengthy procedure. What exactly is the procedure? How long can such a process take?

Condominium Ownership: Can one leave the community?

In our condominium owners’ association, we are currently discussing the renewal of the heating system. Opinions differ widely as to whether this should be done at all and what kind. There is no provision in the regulations for withdrawal. Can an individual condominium owner decide for himself and even leave, or must he remain in the community?

Trampoline in front of condominium: Can I defend myself?

We are owners of a condominium on the 1st floor of an apartment building. A co-owner of our building placed a large trampoline with a diameter of approximately 4-5 m directly under our balcony. The bouncing of the children directly underneath our balcony is very disturbing for us.

Building objections: This is what you need to bear in mind.

The redevelopment of a neighbouring or nearby property can have a significant impact on the quality of life of people directly affected by it. From a legal point of view, numerous planning, building and often also environmental protection issues arise. It is therefore not surprising that building objections have become almost the norm. But what are the main points to consider?