Personal contact with the non-custodial parent


Parents can be denied or deprived of the right to personal contact if this would jeopardise the child’s welfare. However, the Federal Supreme Court is somewhat reserved in its judgement on this question.

Equal treatment of spouses with joint custody

If joint custody of a child of unmarried but separated parents is determined by the court, the care times of the spouses with regard to custody do not necessarily have to be determined in a ratio of 50% to 50%.

Unification of the calculation method for maintenance payments

In recent decisions, the Federal Supreme Court has clarified various questions regarding the calculation of spousal and child maintenance. The Federal Supreme Court now lays down a binding calculation method from which deviation is only possible in justified exceptions. In addition, the Federal Supreme Court addresses the question of when spouses can reintegrate into the world of work after a separation or divorce and when a “life-shaping marriage” is to be assumed.