Pilatushof AG and Pilatushof Zurich AG operate as legally independent companies under the name Pilatushof.

Pilatushof AG, with its registered office in Lucerne, is a registered lawyer company limited by shares that provides legal, notarial and fiduciary services.

Toni Lussi, attorney-at-law and notary, works as a self-employed attorney and notary under the name of Pilatushof.

A business consultant and fiduciary expert, Urs Windler works for Pilatushof AG as a contracted business consultant and fiduciary advisor in selected mandates. Together with all the staff at Pilatushof, he is contractually bound by the rules of attorney-client confidentiality.

Pilatushof Zurich AG, with its registered office in Zurich, works exclusively in tax consultancy and the provision of fiduciary services.