– December 6, 2023

Rent disclosure after renovation

In principle, in Lucerne and other cantons that require the use of forms, the official form approved by the canton must be used when concluding a new tenancy agreement. As a rule, this must contain details of the initial rent and the reasons for any increase. But what happens if a flat has been recently renovated?

The information on the initial rent is generally only omitted if it is a first letting – in this case, it is sufficient to note that the rental property is being let for the first time. If a rental property is extensively renovated or remodelled before the start of the new tenancy and there were major changes to the living space, floor plan or number of rooms as a result, it is treated as a first letting in a newly constructed building.

On the other hand, pure remodelling or renovation work alone does not justify the assumption of a first letting. If the rent is increased during such a renovation, this must be announced and justified on an official form. If the rent remains unchanged after a conversion or renovation, the obligation to provide a form and justification does not apply. However, the landlord does not have to provide the basis for calculating the unchanged rent.

Important: Tenants only have 30 days to contest the rent. This is a forfeiture period: once this period has expired unused, it is no longer possible to contest the rent and the deadline can no longer be restored.

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