Family office

Family office: set-up and operation

The set-up of a functioning family office can be very demanding.  Our lawyers will help you to set up a successful family office structure. In doing so, they clarify legal and tax issues, support you in risk management and create the family office structure that best suits your personal situation and goals. In doing so, the voice of the family is followed and the interests of the family members are taken into account. Our specialists also provide you with professional support in managing the family office. 

  • Foundation and set-up of the family office: Which set-up suits our family?
  • Tax regimes and regulatory provisions prior to the establishment of the family office and advice during its operation: How can we optimise the annual tax bill? Swiss and international tax planning? 
  • Family property: How can I transfer sums of money to children and spouses as cheaply as possible?
  • Real estate: How should I optimise the real estate portfolio? 
  • Moving abroad, relocation: How should I proceed if the asset structure is to be moved abroad? How should I proceed if I want to relocate to Switzerland?
  • Transfer of assets and estate planning: How do I ensure cross-generational continuity? Do I have prenuptial agreements, inheritance contracts or advance directives? 

Every family has its own needs. We focus on the individual circumstances of your family, use our know-how in legal, tax and fiduciary areas and help you set up and run your family office. 

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