Ivo Würsch

MLaw, attorney-at-law

Location: Luzern,

Core competencies: Arbeitsrecht, Vertragsrecht / Vertragsgestaltung, Mietrecht, Steuerrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmensnachfolge, Sozialversicherungsrecht, Bau- und Planungsrecht, Prozessrecht / Vollstreckungsrecht,

Contact details

041 22 66 100

Ivo Würsch has been working in the law firm since the founding of Pilatushof AG. His extensive specialist knowledge of a wide range of legal fields is very much appreciated by clients. His legal passion lies in tax and social insurance law matters as well as in company law problem-solving. 

Professional career

since 2012
Attorney-at-law at Pilatushof
Admitted to the bar in the Canton of Obwalden
Legal staff member at Pilatushof Law Offices
2010 - 2011
Legal staff member at Hess & Schmid, Attorneys-at-law and Notaries, Sarnen/Lucerne
Court/legal internship in the Canton of Nidwalden
Legal internship at Karl Tschopp Law Offices, Stans
Legal internship at Suva, Lucerne
2002 - 2007
Law studies at the University of Lucerne

Area of expertise/Core practice areas