– March 11, 2024

Revised service life table from February 1, 2024

Since February 1, 2024, new lifetimes have applied to individual fixtures and fittings in residential and commercial properties. The lifespan tables were revised jointly by the Homeowners’ Association (HEV) and the Tenants’ Association (MV).

The service life of fixtures and fittings in residential and commercial premises shown in the table is based on average values for average material and work qualities for normal and average use by the tenants. 

The life expectancy table is an orientation aid from the major associations in the real estate and insurance industry. It can be used, for example, to calculate claims by the landlord against the tenant due to excessive wear and tear at the end of the tenancy.

Recent developments and previous experience with existing institutions were taken into account during the revision. The Swiss Insurance Association (SIA), which also recommends the lifetime table, was also included. This is intended to ensure that compensation agreed between tenants and landlords for defects caused by the tenants is also covered by their liability or household contents insurance. Arbitration authorities and courts also refer to the lifetime table in the event of disputes.  

The revised table came into force on February 1, 2024 and is available here (linked). You can also find out the lifespan of individual facilities free of charge on the websites of the two associations (to MV; to HEV, also linked). 

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