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Setup, Contribution Issues and Permits

Our lawyers, together with our trustees, offer advice in the legal area of occupational benefits. We support SMEs in Central Switzerland and abroad with our expertise in social insurance setup. We plan, optimise, and set up social insurance matters (contribution and subordination issues), support you in cross-border employment relationships (social insurance and withholding taxes, payroll, permits) and arrange expatriate assignments. We also advise you on insurance coverage, the use of freelancers (delimitation of self-employed/self-employed) or the assertion of benefit claims.

Our payroll services

We support and unburden you of your payroll processing and take care of employment law and contract law issues, social insurance, cross-border commuter permits, withholding and payroll taxes, wage statements and employee shares.

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We know your concerns and offer quick and straightforward solutions for your payroll accounting. Whether abroad or in Switzerland: we are happy to take care of your concerns. In doing so, we take over individual tasks or all tasks of your payroll accounting. You choose the form and level of support that suits you and your organisation best. Of course, you have permanent access to your data.

Our experienced team of payroll experts is complemented by our lawyers. We implement changes in legislation and ordinances on time and provide you with comprehensive support in the case of entries and exits as well as any legal clarifications that may arise as a result. Questions in the area of social insurance as well as withholding tax and year-end processing are part of our area of support as well. You can trust that the tasks in payroll accounting are completed 100% qualitatively, legally, punctually and efficiently.

Advice, Planning and Assertion of Legal Claims

Our lawyers advise individuals in the event of an interruption of employment due to illness or accident, on questions of disability, on setting up their own business or on retirement due to health or age.

Let yourself be relieved – from your professionals in social security law.

Questions on Social Insurance law

Supplementary benefits are intended to cover cost of living. Upon request, the qualifying income, the necessary expenses and the assets are examined. Income and assets which someone has waived are also counted as qualifying income. A gift or an advance against a future inheritance in the last five years can therefore have a boomerang effect. Such a waiver of assets is credited to the applicant, with the exception of a free amount of CHF 10,000.00 per year. Larger, one-off donations are distributed arithmetically over the years. When reallocating assets, the issue of support for relatives can also come into discussion.

This issue is regulated by law. The Federal Office of Public Health draws up the so-called Specialties list (K-s) listing the original preparations and generic medicines, including their costs. The basic insurance covers the costs of a medicinal product if it is listed on this specialties list, is prescribed by a doctor and is used for the approved use. Please note that the specialties list is exhaustive, i.e. if a product is not included in the list, the costs are not covered by the basic insurance. If preparations are compounded in the pharmacy as part of an extemporaneous preparation, the basic insurance will cover them if the preparation has been prescribed by a doctor and the active ingredients and excipients are listed in the medicines list with tariff (ALT). Please note the retention amount.

Last, the basic insurance also covers the costs of medicinal products on the List of drugs for birth defects and congenital disorders (GGML) that persons require due to a congenital defect and are not covered by the invalidity insurance.

An objection may be filed within 30 days against the unemployment fund’s ruling setting out the suspension days. Please refer to the notice of appeal rights in the order. It indicates where an objection must be filed. The objection must contain a prayer for relief and a statement of grounds. We would be happy to advise you on the objection procedure.

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