Notary office

Our highly experienced notarial team will help you solve simple and complex notarial issues.

Notary for certifications

Nowadays, the services of a notary are often required by law for the conclusion of a legal transaction. The spectrum of notarial issues is extensive, because the notary’s office is not limited to a single area of law, but is used in the most diverse areas of law. We will be happy to assist you in all matters and support you in the establishment and structuring in various areas.



Our prices are based on the Ordinance on Notarization Fees of the Canton of Lucerne.

With Mr Toni Lussi, the Pilatushof law firm has an extremely experienced notary and inheritance law specialist in Lucerne. Ms Ramona Wenk, notary and lawyer, brings her broad expertise and flexibility to bear for our clients. The combined experience, precision and flexibility help to solve simple and complex notarial issues.

We provide you with trustworthy support in all notarial matters.

Your experienced notary


Ramona Wenk

MLaw, attorney-at-law and Notary Public

Toni Lussi

lic. iur., attorney-at-law and Notary Public, Specialist Attorney of the Swiss Bar Association (SAV) in inheritance law