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Letting condominiums via Airbnb: legal aspects
Renting out condominiums via platforms such as Airbnb is an issue that raises relevant legal questions for both owners and the condominium owners’ association.
The distinctiveness of companies
In its decision of August 28, 2023, the Federal Supreme Court clarified the question of the requirements for the distinctiveness of two companies (BGer 4A_238/2023).
“What would happen if I had an accident? How am I insured in this case?”
First of all, it is important to distinguish whether you are employed or not, or whether you are self-employed.
Usability of privately collected but publicly accessible evidence in criminal proceedings
In principle, evidence gathered by private individuals cannot be used in criminal proceedings, as the gathering of evidence is a matter for the criminal prosecution authorities. However, if privately collected evidence is also publicly accessible, for example via social media, it is generally lawful.
Signature requirement for handwritten wills
In accordance with Art. 505 para. 1 ZGB, the handwritten testamentary disposition must also be signed by hand in order to be valid. If the signature is missing, the will is invalid.
Revised service life table from February 1, 2024
Since February 1, 2024, new lifetimes have applied to individual fixtures and fittings in residential and commercial properties. The lifespan tables were revised jointly by the Homeowners’ Association (HEV) and the Tenants’ Association (MV).
What happens to the family home after a separation?
The decisive factor as to who remains in the shared home after separation is who is more dependent on it.
Right of inspection of a shareholder
Shareholders of a GmbH have a right of inspection. Art. 802 para. 2 CO regulates the scope. What does it cover?
New membership!
We are pleased to be a member of LAWROPE – International Group of Lawyers since January 2024. The network of 18 law firms from 16 different countries with representatives throughout Europe, North and South America is an enrichment for our law firm and allows us to solve cross-border legal issues in a client-centred and professional manner.
Is termination due to poor work performance abusive?
A termination is not abusive if it was given due to unsatisfactory work performance (BGer 4A_131/2023 of June 22, 2023).