Company succession

With us at your side, planning and arranging your company succession will be easier and you are guaranteed an overview.

Company succession: Succession planning and succession regulation

Owning a family business or SME is often a generational project. Succession planning can be one of the most difficult tasks for the owner. Especially, if the company is to be continued within the family – but also in the case of a succession solution outside the family various questions can arise. Our attorneys will assist you in the process and advise you on legal and tax issues.

Succession planning and the succession process involve a large number of legal and tax hurdles. It is therefore worth considering legal and tax advice for business succession at an early stage. 

Plan your company succession with us at your side.

Company succession: key questions for you as an entrepreneur

Our lawyers consider various factors such as internal or external family arrangements, analyse the legal form and, in cooperation with our specialists, work out the most sustainable solution possible.

Company succession: key questions for you as an individual

Our attorneys can advise you on pension needs, tax, matrimonial and inheritance law issues in the planning of business succession.

Our attorneys will answer these and other questions and provide you with constructive support in legal and tax matters. 


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