Formation of a company

A company is not founded in a day. It is thoroughly thought-through and is often the result of an intensive process. All aspects associated with forming a company (its organisation, financial situation, etc.) must be carefully considered and the optimal form must be chosen for the intended purpose. We actively support you in this process drawing on many years of practical experience and expertise.

We of course provide guidance on other legal and fiduciary matters even after the company has been successfully created and remain at your disposal to answer all your queries. 

Questions on the “formation of a company”

There are a total of eight companies:

  • the simple partnership,
  • the general partnership,
  • the limited partnership,
  • the company limited by shares (AG),
  • the partnership limited by shares,
  • the limited liability company (GmbH),
  • the cooperative
  • and the association.

The “Lex Friedrich” declaration and the Stampa declaration must be submitted to the Commercial Register at the time of incorporation of a company limited by shares (AG), a limited liability company (GmbH) or a cooperative. They are not required by law. Nonetheless, they are of great practical importance.

The “Lex-Friedrich” declaration is a declaration by the company that it complies with the provisions of the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Immovable Property in Switzerland by Foreign Non-Residents (ANRA) or that it does not require a permit within the meaning of this act.

In the Stampa declaration, the company declares that it does not grant or warrant any special benefits to the company’s founders. In addition, it certifies that the company has not acquired any other tangible assets or set-off claims that are not already apparent from the articles of association or the commercial register receipts.